Emotional Movies – Review of Iron Man: Death of Yinsen

People usually go to see movies to enjoy action, romance and a bit of suspense but when they have to come across some emotional scenes they naturally need cloth napkin to wipe out their tears. Even in the 21st century some harmless emotional movies are made which one cannot see without a cloth napkin in his pocket. Here in this write-up a Hollywood movie is reviewed which seems to be an action movie but one has to fight back with unexpected tears.

Review of Iron Man: Death of Yinsen

You may not find many movies which start with tragic death of the hero who is going to show his heroism in third part of the movie. You may not be able to establish any kind of sympathy with the character in such movies. Iron Man: Death of Yinsen falls in this category of movies with some exceptions.

In first scene of the movie you will see the character Tony Stark in his perfect look before being captured by John Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. He looks a lovable well equipped guy at every occasion in the movie whether playing like a rich playboy or fighting with death.

As soon as he shows his goods to his military officers while showing his amazingly destructive moves his recovery story starts abruptly in the movie with his meeting with an altogether different kind but brave character Yinsen who had once saved his life and shared his situation when he was desperate. In some intimate moments he shares his personal information about his family and home town with a hoe that they may meet again.

The effect of this meeting on Tony Stark can be felt physically by any viewer as he starts considering what he has and what not at that moment of time in his life.

The great performances of the actors like Shaun Toub have made this moment extremely sympathetic. Robert Downey Jnr has also shown the selfless regard and bravery of Yinsen as compared to Stark for him. The performance of John Favreau of leisurely passing through both of these characters in a number of scenes which give an authentic and organic feel to the viewers is also praiseworthy.

While seeing this movie everyone assumed that only one guy can come alive out of the cave but when it happens as per their expectations then everyone was spell bound. Everyone was compelled to take out cloth napkin from his pocket when Yinsen finally reveals the fate of his family with a heartfelt plea of not wasting his life.

The record braking success of this movie was based on the excellent performance of Shaun Toub, who deserves a special thank from the producers of this movie. Because without developing an emotional connectivity with the story of origin of Tony Stark, Iron Man, no one can make such a successful movie which cannot be seen without fighting with tears and cloth napkin in hand. If you are yet to see this movie, then you should watch that soonest possible.

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A Movie Industry Blog Is Perfect For The Film Fan

I’m not much of a TV watcher. However, I love a good movie. I’ve been an avid movie fan every since I was a child.

When you watch as many movies as I do, you take them seriously. Early on, I started looking for ways to follow movies and upcoming movies from those with a critical eye. That’s why I love a good movie industry blog.

These blogs are typically written by people who watch as many movies as I do. Although they may not be ultra film professionals, such as the late Roger Ebert or the late Gene Siskel, they’ve watched enough movies to be able to provide constructive and informative critiques.

Not all movie industry blogs are alike. So it’s important to “shop around.” Of all the blogs of this type available on the Internet, these are what I look for in a top movie blog:

1. Reviews Of Upcoming Movies And Existing Movies

A good blog that focuses on movies should provide critical reviews of upcoming movies and films that have already been around. The reviews should not only be informative, but they should contain knowledge about what makes for a good plot and a good storyline. If the review is for a new movie, it should not contain spoilers.

2. Collections Of Movie Themes

If I’m a horror fan or a romantic comedy fan or a fan of a particular genre, I should focus on a movie industry blog that has sections on my genre. Of course, if all you do is watch only one type of movie, you’ll want a blog that only talks about your genre. However, because I watch a variety of movies, I don’t want anything that specific.

3. Information About The Latest Movies

In addition to reviews of movies, there should be additional information that is good to know about the films. For example, if a movie is focused on a real-life character, it’s good to gain additional information about the character. Furthermore, if an actor or actress had to alter their appearance to fit a specific role, such as gain a massive amount of weight, it’s nice to know how they went about it and what other things they did to prepare for the role.

4. Celebrity Information

No movie industry blog is complete without information about the stars who appear in the movies. Although such blogs are not designed to be gossip rags, valid information about the actors and actresses we see on the big screen is always fun to read.

Treat yourself to the joys of the movies with a quality movie industry blog. They are a perfect companion for an avid film fan.

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Top Five Characteristics Of A Quality Movie Industry Blog

Anyone can create their own blog and write about the topics they are passionate about. Even though creating a blog is easy, getting readers to visit your blog regularly requires a lot of work and dedication. If you are thinking about creating a movie industry blog, these tips will help you create quality content and get readers to visit your blog regularly.

Create quality original content that is fun and interesting to read. Your readers might not stay on your blog for very long and will probably not come back if your blog posts are not engaging and interesting. Writing good blog posts takes time and dedication. You will get better at it as you gain more practice and learn from your mistakes.

Decide what you want to write about and stick to your topic. A movie industry blog could cover new releases, rumors, a specific aspect of the movie industry such as writing scripts or acting or focus on a movie genre. Decide what you want your blog to be about and do not create content outside of the topic you choose.

Find a way to stand out from other blogs. Writing about movies is fun to do and there is already a good number of successful blogs on this topic. You need to figure out a way to get your own readers in a highly competitive niche. You could for instance write about a specific aspect of the movie industry that no one else is covering or write about movies that are not getting a lot of attention on other websites.

Become a respected writer in your niche by sharing your own opinions. You could for instance write reviews of the movies you watch or let your audience know what you think about projects that are still in development. Do not hesitate to go against what most movie critique think as long as you can back up your arguments.

Share your blog posts on social media or on message boards to get more readers. Once you feel that your writing skills are strong enough, try getting your content published on movie news websites along with a link to your blog. These strategies will bring more readers to your blog and help you become a more influential blogger in your niche.

Creating a movie industry blog is a fun project but you need to make sure you have enough time to create content on a regular basis. Follow these five tips to create a quality blog and remember that your blog posts will improve as you get more practice.

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How to Run a Movie Industry Blog

In the world we live in today, it is hard to keep up with the changing environment and global issues. Other news such as entertainment news are also hard to keep up with as it can be difficult to follow every single actor or actress that one likes. Therefore it is sometimes necessary to create a blog that caters to your individual needs.

Now that you have decided to create a blog for your favourite movies, actors, actresses, directors, producers, etc., you would obviously want to be successful in doing so. Thus, this article will share some insight on how to create a successful movie industry blog.


You want to limit your content to what you absolutely need. Sometimes you may want to add some information, but if it is not needed, it is better to leave it out because if your blog entry is too long, odds are that readers will skip over it. You might also want to to consider what kind of content you would like to keep. For instance, if you are interested in actors, you would want to update your blog on the actors of your choice and skip any unnecessary information. Similarly, if you are interested in actresses for your blog, it is best to leave out information on actors and focus on actresses. You might also want to consider what type of movie industry you are focusing on. The world is home to many different cultures and ethnicities and as a result there are many different ethnic movie industries. If you are interested in the American Hollywood movie industry, focus your blog on that rather than other ethnic movie industries.


It is simply a fact that to have a successful blog you must update it often, especially if you have a blog on an industry that changes almost every day. Whichever movie industry you choose to focus on, make sure to research about it everyday because then you will have to something to write about everyday rather than a couple times a week. If you cannot write and update your blog everyday, then try to find the biggest information possible and write about that. That way you attract the mainstream audience.


Ultimately, your blog’s success depends on how often you update your content as well as interesting and relevant your content is. The more interesting and relevant it is, as well as the more frequently updated it is, the more chance of it having success.

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